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Restoring Law and Order in Our Neighborhoods and at Our Border

Our district is the best place in Illinois to live, work, and raise a family, but it takes grit and determination to keep it that way. Judge Joe has dedicated his life to law and order. As a prosecutor, private attorney, and judge, Joe McGraw knows that soft-on-crime policies only create more victims and empower criminals. In Congress, he’ll face down the far left, increase funding for our police, and go after the liberal state's attorneys who are endangering our communities by refusing to enforce the law.

The border crisis may begin hundreds of miles away, but the mass amounts of fentanyl pouring into America are killing our community members, and the migrant crisis landing in our towns further burdens our already overloaded social services system. Judge Joe knows what it takes to secure the border and keep Illinois families safe. When Judge Joe is in Congress, Illinois families won't take a backseat to anyone. That's why he'll fight to build the wall, expand border patrol, crack down on the cartels, and ensure those who peddle lethal drugs are put behind bars.


Judge Joe learned the value of a dollar early on. Growing up, he worked at his family’s business forging horseshoes – he knows what it means to sweat for a paycheck. Washington, D.C. may have forgotten what hard work and fiscal responsibility looks like, but Judge Joe never will.

In Washington, he’ll stop the out-of-control spending that is driving inflation and crushing family budgets, and he’ll cut taxes on American factories to bring good-paying jobs home. He'll defend family farmers and kill the death tax once and for all. Judge Joe will stand up for us, and restore our district to the economic powerhouse it once was.

Clean Up Washington

Judge Joe has lived his life by a strict code of ethics, and he knows it’s high-time Washington, D.C. did the same. He’ll work to clean up Washington and end the corruption that allows politicians to line their pockets while taking more from ours. Judge Joe will ban politicians from becoming lobbyists, stop the power-grabs of unelected bureaucrats, and make Congress balance the budget before they get paid.

Taking on China

Judge Joe grew up the son of two WWII veterans who owned their own small business. Patriotism was instilled in him at a young age, and he knows that given a level playing field no country can outcompete American workers and American businesses. But right now China is skirting the rules to steal our jobs, our factories, and our intellectual property. Furthermore, China is producing much of the fentanyl that the cartels smuggle into America.

Judge Joe knows Communist China is America’s greatest threat and recognizes Washington politicians have been soft on China for far too long. Judge Joe will crack down on China when they cheat economically and fight to hold them accountable for their role in poisoning Americans with fentanyl. As a prosecutor and judge, Joe knows no good comes when you coddle bad actors. That’s why he’ll ensure America projects strength on the world stage starting with China.


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